2022 Athlete Fees Due

The 2022 annual licence fees for all British athletes are now due. We ask that your fees reach UKSA by 30th June 2022.

Annual fees are payable across all sports for all athletes with a UK or international classification.

UK Annual Fee (UKSA)

If you live in the UK and are a classified athlete, in any sport, at any level (UK or international), please pay the 2002 fee – £15

This is for class II1, II2, II3.

If you do not pay the UK fee, you may be removed from the UK approved list and UKSA will be unable to verify your eligibility and classification as active.

International Licence Fee (Virtus)

If you live in the UK and hold an international classification (Virtus) in any sport you can choose whether to pay the international licence fee. The 2022 licence fee is £26.

This is for class II1, II2 or II3.

Important: This fee is in addition to the UK fee. (see above).

If you choose not to pay the Virtus fee you will be listed as ‘inactive’ on the Virtus Master List and cannot be considered for Virtus events.

Important Notes:

  • The fees listed are different to IPC licence fees. Follow your NGB advice on IPC fees.
  • If your Virtus international classification number begins with ‘22’, you do not have to pay an international fee for 2022 as this was included in your classification application fee. Please pay £15 UK fee only.
  • The competition pathway in class II3 is restricted, under development and pilot only, so access to events in the UK and overseas will be limited.
  • View the Virtus Master list

If you have any questions, please contact the UK Sports Association.