GB Team Selection Policies

2022 Events and Selection Policies

2022 Virtus European Summer Games, Poland (Regional Games)

Update 15 June 2022:

After long and careful consideration, the UK Sports Association (UKSA), in discussion with NGB’s and other sports representatives, has taken the difficult decision to withdraw from the 2022 Virtus European Summer Games in Krakow, Poland (16-24 July). 

For clarity UKSA has withdrawn its entry in swimming, athletics, cycling, tennis and judo.  There will not be an entry from Great Britain at the Championships in 2022. UKSA remains in discussion with British Judo regarding the judo event.

The decision to withdraw the GB Team was based on a number of factors and challenges experienced over the last 4 months.  This has led to the conclusion that attending and competing at the Championships is considered a ‘high risk’. UKSA believes it is not in the best interests of athletes, staff and volunteers from the UK to attend and compete on this occasion.

UKSA remains committed to enabling British athletes to compete at Virtus Championship events.  We are planning for the 2023 Virtus Global Games in Vichy France and will release information at the end of 2022.

Finally, we extend our best wishes to Sprawni Razem, the Polish member of Virtus, in their delivery of the Summer Games.


GB Team Selection – 2022 Virtus Para Dressage Championships – Round 2

British Riders who competed in Virtus Championships in 2021 and Round 1 of 2022 are invited to enter to Round 2 of the Para Dressage Championships.

The rules and regulations, together with full selection policy can be downloaded below.  Riders are asked to complete the Entry Form and send their video submission to reach UKSA no later than midday on 2nd October 2022.  Late entries cannot be accepted.

GB Team Selection – 2022 Virtus Para Dressage Championships – Round 1

Virtus has changed the format of competition for 2022.  This year there are two entry windows for the annual Para-Dressage Championships. Round 1 opened 28th March, closing early June.  Round 2 will open later in 2022, closing in October.

Riders competing in both round 1 and round 2 will have the opportunity to vie for the annual Virtus Champion status.

For British Competitors:  All riders must have completed the eligibility and classification process and be active on the Virtus Master List.  Given the change in timelines and format, only British competitors that competed in the 2021 Virtus Championships are eligible for consideration.

The GB entry for Round 1 will be by invitation only.  The deadline for accepting the invitations already extended to riders is 23rd May 2022.  Video entries must be received at UKSA by 10am on 10th June 2022.

Important Documents (Equestrian) 

2022 R2 – GB Selection Policy Virtus Para Dressage Champs (Published 20 Aug 2022)

2022 R2 -GB Rules Regulations Virtus Para-Dressage Champs (Publ 20 Aug 2022)

2022 R2 – GB Riders Entry, Acceptance, Coach info, Communication Passport (Aug 20 22)

2022 UKSA GB Selection Policy (Round 1)

2022 UKSA GB Rules and Regulations (Round 1)

2022 GB Riders Acceptance of invite (Round 1)

Previous Events and Results (Equestrian)

View previous Para Equestrian Results here

View previous GB Selection Policies (Para Dressage) here


2021 Events and Selection

GB Team Selection – Virtus Para Dressage Championships

A call for expressions of interest has been published together with the GB Selection Policy, GB Rules and Regulations and other information.

Expressions of interest from GB riders by noon on 17th July 2021.

  • *Update 19.7.21 – the deadline for expressions of interest to reach UKSA has been extended to 5pm on Tuesday 20th July 2021. No further extensions will be provided.  We are unable to consider expressions from any riders who do not meet this revised deadline.

Update 23 July 2021 – Please note that riders who have submitted their 2021 Expressions by the revised deadline will be contacted by UKSA.  The deadline for classification applications has been extended.  Contact UKSA for details

Read more information here

2021 – Other Events

Due to the on-going pandemic and COVID restrictions, UKSA and NGB’s will not be sending teams to Virtus Championships in 2021, unless events are available virtually or through video entry.  You can read the UKSA statement here.


2020 Events and Selection

There are no GB Team selections planned in 2020 due to the on-going pandemic and COVID restrictions.


2019 Events and Selection

2019 Inas Global Games – Selection policies and Games information

UKSA’s main focus for GB Teams for 2019 will be multi-sport at the 2019 Inas Global Games (athletics, swimming, cycling), plus Inas Equestrian Championships, Cricket Tri Nations Series, and Inas approved events working with British Taekwondo and British Judo and where relevant the LTA.

UKSA will not be entering a GB Team into other 2019 Inas events across the sports at this time.


2018 Selection Policies

GB Team Selection (Athletics)- 2018 Inas European Summer Games

Selection is being carried out in a more streamlined way on this occasion.  Only performances from Power of 10 will be considered. The UKSA Sport & Selection Committee (SSC) will extend invitations to appropriate athletes, based on all factors and not just performance.

The SSC aims to have those invitations out by the end of April.

Update 25.4.18: Invitations to athletes have been sent. The full Team will be announced end May/early June 2018.

GB Team Selection (Cycling) – 2018 Inas European Summer Games

Selection Policy is available for download or by requesting a copy from the UK Sports Association.

The UKSA Sport & Selection Committee (SSC) will extend invitations to appropriate athletes, based on all factors and not just performance.

The SSC selection decisions will be made at the end of April, with invitations to follow shortly afterwards.

If you are an Inas classified athlete in Cycling, have met the performance standards and selection criteria, and are interested in this event, please email highlighting your events and providing links to or copies of relevant event results.

Update 4.5.18: Invitations to athletes have been sent. The full Team will be announced end May/early June 2018.

GB Team Selection (Swimming) – 2018 Inas European Summer Games

The Selection Policy is now available.  We apologise for the delay in its publication.

Interested swimmers should take account of the event and financial information available below.

Although UKSA has been in contact with various relevant organisations in the UK, to gather appropriate information and note those who are interested, we ask that if you are an Inas classified swimmer and are interested in this event, please email attaching the information requested in Form 1a below.  Please send to us as soon as possible, but no later than 1pm on Thursday 10th May 2018.

Form 1a – Athlete Consideration – Performance & Training (swimming)

Athlete Costs for Summer Games

Athlete Cost for the Event will be in the region of £1679. The final cost is dependant on confirmed athlete and staff numbers.  Further details will be given in invitation letters.  This includes international travel to/from Paris from UK departure point, accommodation, meals, transport in Paris, event entry/fees, Inas capitation and staff costs.

Athletes will be required to pay £750 on acceptance of their invitation and the final balance at the end of May 2018.  This is to meet the organisers deadlines.  Swimmers final payment deadline will be extended into June 2018.  Costs do not include kit costs and this will be extra.

There is no flexibility with payments on this occasion. This is not something that UKSA highlights lightly but given there is no sports funding available to support the athletes to Inas events, it is a necessary requirement to ensure the Team can be prepared.

Staff in all sports will be invited at the discretion of the SSC.

The Team will arrive in Paris on 14th July 2018 and departure will be on 22nd July 2018.

Selection Policies

Athletics Policy

Cycling Policy

Swimming Policy

Tennis Policy – Selection is being managed by the Tennis Foundation – please contact them for details.

Taekwondo – we have been informed by the LOC in France that this sport has been removed from the programme.

Note (1): Appropriate support agreements are in place with SDS and DSW in relation to 5 i) to iv).

Note (2): DSNI are not underwriting costs.

Amendment (29.4.18) – GB Team Selection Policies
2018 Inas European Summer Games.
Other Selection Criteria – Section 5 i) to iv) – In relation to Mencap, the Home Country Association in England, please note that Mencap is not underwriting costs for England athletes selected to this event. UKSA’s selection of athletes from England is already underway. Discussions are ongoing with Mencap to explore an appropriate solution.