Athlete Spotlight! Featuring Bradley Brockies, Taekwondo

Photo courtesy of British Taekwondo

Bradley Brockies, Taekwondo

Bradley Brockies celebrated 2019 in style as double World Champion in the P20 (Poomsae) junior Male Category.

At just 14 years old Bradley has taken the world of Taekwondo by storm representing Great Britain and making his presence known on the international stage.

February 2019 saw Bradley prepare for th Para Taekwondo World Championships in Turkey.  He defended his World Championship title with matches against players from Pakistan and Turkey, whilst facing a British competitor in the final.

In action! Bradley Brockies
Bradley Brockies with Olympic Champion, Jade Jones

September 2018 Bradley competed at Ravenscraig Sports Facility, Glasgow and successfully defended yet another title, remaining Scottish National Champion in his P20 Junior category. The strong competition run continued, rounding off 2018 with the British National Championships at UEL Sports Dock, winning another Gold and retaining his British National Champion title.

Despite being a formidable athlete and collecting numerous titles, Bradley remains grounded and focussed on improving further.  Of course, he’s always keen to see where he can compete for the next Championship title!  Let’s hear what he has to say

Bradley, How does it feel to be a Champion?


You’ve represented Great Britain at the World Paras and at various Championshoips now, what does it mean to you to?

I was very happy to be selected and feel very proud to be able to represent my country.

When and how did you get involved in Taekwondo?

I started 7 years ago after watching the film karate  kid. I wanted to do something like that and my friend had just started Taekwondo so I went along with him. I only stayed at that club for a year as it did not work for me. I’ve been at my current club a long time now and am happy there.

What do you love most about Taekwondo?

I like that it’s not all the same, we do Poomsae, Kyrugi (fighting), pad work and stretching.

What’s your advice to anyone who wants to become an athlete and compete at the highest levels?

Go for it!

Tell us something else about you Bradley!

I admire most of the Taekwondo athletes.  I briefly met Jade Jones after the 2017 World Championships and was very pleased to be able to have my photo with her. Ive also been able to spend some time getting to know Amy Truesdale (Para Taekwondo fighter) at the 2017 Europeans.

I like to get on well with all the other Team GB athletes and am very lucky to have such a supportive network of coaches to work with me on training and instructions.

Bradley with World Para athlete, Amy Truesdale

Bradley lives in Kent and goes to a specialist school. He lives with his Mum and Dad and cat Charlie.  A busy young man not only with Taekwondo, his hobbies also include all things aviation. He loves to fly and has a pretty successful Instagram account. You can follow him on instagram  @london_aviation105

Taking a break – Bradley style!

Bradley is part of the British Taekwondo Poomsae Team.  A collaboration between British Taekwondo and the UK Sports Association supports talented athletes in the sport to compete at the highest levels and ensures that athletes are supported through the UK and Inas classification system.

Taekwondo for athletes with intellectual disability is not currently available on the Paralympic programme.  It is however included in World and European Championships and will be a demonstration sport at the 2019 Inas Global Games for the very first time.

Contact us for more information on Taekwondo, eligibility and classification and how you can get involved.

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