British Athletics and UK Sports Association statement

T20 athlete, Stephen Morris competing at London 2012

As part of the UK Sport strategy to develop classification procedures nationally, the UK Sports Association (UKSA), in partnership with British Athletics, has been working together to further develop the classification application procedures for athletes with intellectual disability.

All parties are keen to enable the sport to move to a position where the sport actively co-ordinates some of the administrative processes.

As part of this work, UKSA and British Athletics have agreed that with immediate effect, all classification enquiries and all new Inas (international) applications for athletes with intellectual disability will be co-ordinated through British Athletics.

The collation and completion of applications in preparation for submission to the UK Sports Association will be supported through the British Athletics Classification Co-Ordinator and at Home Country level through different partners.

UKSA remains the official British member of Inas and in that role will continue to monitor, evaluate and co-ordinate applications with Inas. UKSA also retains the overall role in ensuring that the UK wide approach across the sports meets Inas objectives. It is important to note that this is a procedural change only and there are no changes to the eligibility and evidence criteria.

Both British Athletics and the UK Sports Association remain committed to ensuring a streamlined, robust system of classification and will continue to work together to develop procedures further.

All classification enquiries and new Inas (international) applications should be directed to:
Kirsty Allen, British Athletics Classification Coordinator,
Tel: 0770 2335861
Address: British Athletics, Athletics House, Alexander Stadium, Walsall Road, Perry Barr, Birmingham. B42 2BE.

Download the new process flowchart here.

For further information regarding this process, please refer to: