Classified British Athletes 2018 Fees Due

The 2018 Inas International Service Fee for Inas Classified Athletes is now due.  The 2018 UKSA fee for all classified British athletes is seperate and is also due.

Inas, is the International Federation offering high performance sport for people with intellectual disability, down syndrome and autism.  UKSA is the Great Britain member of Inas.  We contact athletes and NGB’s each year for Inas fees to be paid.  The Inas service fee is then passed to Inas.

Inas has advised that the Inas fee is relevant for entry to Inas events only. For an athlete to be eligible to compete at an Inas event they must be seen as “active” on the Inas master list.

UKSA is however, aware that for some British events at national level and some other international events, other organisers have over recent years relied on the Inas master list to check whether an athlete is listed as “active”. Some organisers have expected an athlete to be listed as “active”. It is important to note that this is not an Inas requirement but a decision for those other organisations.

As always, it is an athletes choice whether the Inas fee is paid or not. Those that pay the fee, will appear as “active” on the Inas master list.  Those that choose not to pay the fee will appear as “inactive”.

The UKSA GB fee is seperate and is payable each year by all British athletes who are classified and listed as British athletes by UKSA across all sports. (option 2)

2018 Fees 

The 2018 Inas fee for British Athletes is £31.*

The 2018 GB fee, payable to the UK Sports Association is £15.

Option 1: If you wish to be listed as ‘active’ on the Inas Master list and/or eligible for Inas events,  then please pay the sum of £46* (both Inas & GB fee) as soon as possible.


Option 2: If you wish to be noted as an active British athlete only by UKSA, but wish to remain ‘inactive’ on the Inas international master list  then please pay £15 (GB fee only) as soon as possible.

* The fee has been converted from US dollars and exchange rate variances have been taken into account.

How to Pay the Fees

The fee can be paid by internet banking, paying direct into UKSA’s account in a bank or by cheque.

By Internet Banking or in a bank:  Use your name and sport as reference.  Our Account: 71594567 Sort: 40-04-09 Account Name: UK Sports Association.

Once paid, please email to tell us how much has been paid, who it is for and when you paid it.

By Cheque: Payable to ‘UK Sports Association’ should be sent with your name and sport on the back of the cheque to: UK Sports Association, PO Box 1318, Enfield, Middlesex EN1 9ZH.

Please ensure your payment reaches UKSA as soon as possible. UKSA will inform Inas which athletes should be updated to ‘active’ on the master list.  You can view the Inas Master list on the Inas website.

If you have any questions, please contact UKSA by email or telephone 0207 490 3057.  Thank you.