Disability Rights UK and Channel 4 come together for Paralympics Campaign

Disability Rights UK and Channel 4 are looking for individuals that possess a variety of skills and a range of impairments in order to be the face of their new Paralympics marketing campaign.

In particular, the two organisations want a full swing band, dancers, skateboarders, martial arts fighters, models, business people, children and families. Disability Rights UK and Channel 4 requires that each individual looking to apply must submit a five minute video clip, in which the applicant states their name, where they are from, and their impairment and show off their talent.

Once the clip is recorded, they request that you send the recording to Blink Productions at casting@blinkprods.com, along with your contact email address and phone number. The video will only be accepted as a file shared through www.wetransfer.com, and not as an attachment to the email.

Once your application is received and accepted, a member of Blink Productions may contact you directly, as well as process applicant’s personal data in accordance with their private policy, terms, and conditions.

The last day to apply is by midnight on the 7th April. All applicants that are accepted will be contacted no later than. Anyone under the age of 18, Must have a parent or guardian to apply for them on their behalf.