INAS and Sport:80 partnership to create new online services

GB silver medal winning team at INAS 2015 event

INAS, the International Sports Federation for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, has announced a collaboration with Sport:80 in order to create an online membership and event management platform.

This new development will allow INAS to use advanced technology to enhance the standard of services they perform for their 78 member organisations. It will also add updated internal processes to the organisation throughout by automating a lot of the tasks of management and administrators.

Executive Director of INAS, Nick Parr expressed his excitement for replacing the out-of-date costly paper-based system with a more modern and affordable instant online platform. He said: “Each year we manage a programme of up to 14 world and regional championships. Having this technology in place will significantly streamline the processes involved in managing these events.

“It will also provide real-time access to critical information for both INAS and event hosts, as well as delivering improved services to our member nations, athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers.”

INAS and Sport:80’s announcement has come as a result of their successful debut of services at the 2012 London Games. Sport:80 is a UK-based company that specialises in sport management technology.

CEO of Sport:80, Chris Graves explained the current success as a pleasure to see their services make a difference in sporting organisations. He stated, “As sports people first and foremost, our vision for the platform was to make a real difference, both in terms of simplifying and networking the core functions of sport business management and providing opportunities for sports organisations to grow and drive participation.

“We’re delighted to see this happening with our clients and are looking forward to replicating this with Nick and the INAS team in years to come.”

The UK Sports Association is pleased to welcome this exciting new development for learning disability sport.