Inas suspend Ukrainian Athlete for Anti-Doping Violation

INAS (International Federation of Sport for Athletes with Intellectual Impairments) announced details today (28.1.19) ¬†of a 2018 suspension of Ukraine’s Iuliia Shuliar for two months following a violation of article 2.1 of the INAS Anti-Doping Rules.

Shuliar, who competed in athletics, tested positive for Thiazides at the 2018 INAS European Summer Games in Paris, France, in July during an in-competition test. Thiazides appears on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances.

Shuliar suspended herself from competition voluntarily in September 2018 and provided evidence to INAS that the substance had been taken for medical reasons and without any intent to improve her performances. In accordance with INAS anti-doping rules, the period of ineligibility can be as high as four years but was reduced to two months based on the evidence provided. The suspension concluded in November 2018.

All results obtained by Ms. Shuliar at the 2018 INAS European Summer Games will be disqualified including loss of any medals, team points and records.

INAS is a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code and works hard to promote clean sport. In 2018 INAS conducted 20 tests with one adverse analytical finding.