Information for Athletes (all sports) – Inas Service Fee

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The UK Sports Association has been advised that there is a change to the Inas International Service Fee that athletes in all sports need to be aware of.

UKSA, as the Great Britain member of Inas, contacts athletes and NGB’s each year for fees to be paid.  These are then passed to Inas.  The purpose of this fee is for athletes to appear as “active” on the Inas Master List, published on the Inas website.

Inas has advised that the fee is relevant for entry to Inas events only. For an athlete to be eligible to compete at an Inas event they must be seen as “active” on the Inas master list.

UKSA is aware that for some British events at national level and some other international events, other organisers have over recent years relied on the Inas master list to check whether an athlete is listed as “active”. Some organisers have expected an athlete to be listed as “active”. It is important to note that this is not an Inas requirement.

UKSA will continue to contact classified British athletes each year in respect of the Inas fee.  As always, it is an athletes choice whether the fee is paid or not. Those that pay the fee, will appear as “active” on the Inas master list.  Those that choose not to pay the fee will appear as “inactive”.

If you have questions about the fee, including any 2017 fee already paid, please contact us at the UK Sports Association.

You can view the Inas Master List at