International Paralympic Committee launch new Strategic Plan

The IPC Strategic Plan 2019-2022 has been published as part of the 2019 celebrations of the International Paralympic Committees 30th Anniversary (22nd September 2019).

It is hoped that this is the start of a bright and exciting new era for the Paralympic movement.

Following 12 months of consultation with members and stakeholders, the new plan sees the IPC placing greater emphasis on the impact its work has on transforming attitudes towards persons with disabilities and driving social inclusion.

The IPC’s refined vision is: to make for an inclusive world through sport.  Its new mission is: to lead the Paralympic Movement, oversee the delivery of the Paralympic Games and support members to enable Para athletes to achieve sporting excellence.

Andrew Parsons, President IPC

Andrew Parsons, IPC President, said: “Since its creation in 1989, the IPC has enjoyed 30 years of tremendous growth.  This has been reflected in the Movement’s expansion to more than 200 member-organisations, the rapid improvement in Para athletic performance across all sports, and the evolution of the Paralympic Games into the world’s number one sport event for driving social inclusion.

“Acting on the feedback from our members and stakeholders, we have ensured that this is a strategic plan for all and a plan, that through five strategic priorities, leads the way for the Paralympic Movement. Over the next four years it charts a course for IPC members to follow as we harness the unique transformational energy of the Paralympic Movement.

“Para athletes, fair and competitive sport and strategic partnerships represent core pillars of the Paralympic Movement that are essential to safeguarding its long-term integrity and development.

“By delivering this plan, we will make sure that the IPC is an open, proactive and collaborative support organisation that better engages, understands, and addresses the needs of its members and its athlete community.

“Our members are the ones providing pathways for athletes on a day-to-day basis. As an umbrella organisation, we must support them so they can offer the best structure for athletes in their country, region or sport.”

Chelsey Gotell, IPC Athletes’ Council Chairperson, said: “With this new strategic plan, the IPC really is looking to walk the talk when it comes to be an athlete-centred organisation.  Over the next four years athletes will play a bigger role in the IPC’s decision-making process and I am really pleased that this new plan dovetails in with the IPC Athletes’ Council’s own four-year strategy published earlier this year.”

The British member of the IPC is the British Paralympic Association (BPA).  The UK Sports Association is a member of the BPA representing athletes with intellectual impairment in elite/high performance sport.