Introducing the new members of the UKSA Team!

The UK Sports Association is delighted to again be working with American College Ithaca in hosting two interns this Autumn term.

We are pleased to introduce Avi Zucker and Perry Falk who will both be working with us until early December 2019.

‘I am delighted to welcome Avi and Perry to UKSA’ says Tracey McCillen, CEO, UK Sports Association.  ‘I’m sure their time with us at UKSA and here in the UK generally will be full of lots of new experiences.  They’ve joined us at a particularly busy time with the Global Games just a few weeks away, our GB representation at the Inas Equestrian Championships aswell as many other events happening for athletes with intellectual impairment.  I look forward to working with them over the months to come”.


Introducing Avi Zucker, UKSA Sport and Communications Assistant

Hi! My name is Avi Zucker and I will be working for UKSA for a few months. I am very excited to get started and meet everyone! I wanted to write a little bit about myself including my background, interests, and hobbies and what I will be doing at UKSA.

Avi Zucker, Sport & Communications Assistant

I am from New Jersey in the United States. This is the first time that I have been to the UK and I love it so far. I am studying Business Administration and Sport Management at Ithaca College in upstate New York (about 4 hours from New York City). Additionally, I added Business Analytics as a minor after taking the first course in that department. Business analytics is a small but growing field of business that is about taking big data and making it presentable to give knowledge, in summary, to one or more people.

Besides being a student at Ithaca College, I have been playing sports for as long as I can remember. My main sports now (although at one point I played basically all there is to offer in the US) is ultimate frisbee! It is similar to American football and football in terms of the tactics used and how to score goals. I have been playing for about 8 years now, and play at my college back in the US, Ithaca College. Besides that I have played (and love talking about) basketball, baseball, football (or as we call it, soccer), American football and ice hockey.

Avi in action – Ultimate Frisbee!

This summer I spent working at a summer camp for kids 8-15. I taught a number of different sports activities throughout but my main focus this summer was golf. I was taught how to play cricket which was very interesting for me as cricket is not a very popular sport in the US. Other than sports, I love being outside in the spring and walking, more recently have gotten into going on runs around London.

In the next few months at UKSA I will be handling sport management and lots of communication from UKSA to the public. Whether that is talking to athletes and their families with information regarding the upcoming INAS Global Games or sending out Twitter and Facebook updates about different stories with UKSA athletes, I will be the driving factor of sport management and communication. In addition, I will be working directly with our CEO, Tracey McCillen to improve and update the UKSA website and send out the next edition of the UKSA newsletter.

I am excited to meet everyone, especially the athletes that are attending the INAS Global Games in a little under one month from now!

Avi Zucker, Intern UKSA (Email:


Introducing Perry Falk, UKSA Project Support Assistant

Hello! My name is Perry Falk and I am from Long Island, New York and I will be working at UKSA for the next couple of months. I wanted to share some information about myself, so everyone can get to know who I am.

Perry Falk, Project Assistant

I am currently a in my third year as Sport Management major at Ithaca College, here in the UK for my study abroad semester. This is my first time being in the UK and I am very excited to be with UKSA helping out for the semester.

In my previous experiences, I have worked on product development, staff coordinating and sales. I’m confident that my experience will benefit me when working with UKSA. In addition, I have taken courses at Ithaca College that will help me succeed at UKSA, such as Business Analytics, Marketing and Product Development, Organisation and Behavioural Management and Accounting.

Working with youngsters at camp

I am an avid sports fan and have played sports throughout my life. I played and coached baseball all throughout my life. I love coaching, especially youth because it makes me incredibly happy to see a kid excel at a sport in which I taught them the fundamentals. Professionally, I follow Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League, where I support the New York Mets and New York Rangers.

At UKSA, I will be a Project Assistant, assisting in product development. That means I will be assisting in project research, market research, market and concept analysis and prospective funder and funding research. I will be working alongside the UKSA CEO, Tracey McCillen and UKSA Partners, Tactic Connect.

I’m very excited to get started and meet the rest of the team!

Perry Falk, Intern UKSA (email


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