Meet the new UKSA intern team!

UKSA is excited to welcome their latest intern team members– Desiree Holz, Abbey London, and Phil Craven.

This season’s group of interns spans from across the world, with two of three interns being from Ithaca, New York, and one from Leicester, England. Through a competitive interview process, UKSA chose these three talented individuals to work behind the scenes and find out what makes an organisation like UKSA tick!

Find more out about our Spring 2022 interns and look out for more news over the next few weeks!


Desiree Holz

Desiree Holz is the Communications and Media Officer with UKSA this spring. She originates from Syracuse, New York in the United States. Desiree is currently based in London on an exchange year with Ithaca College. Desiree is deeply passionate about equity in media and sport and wholeheartedly believes in the mission of the UK Sports Association.

During her time with UKSA, Desiree will be responsible for managing communication with media and athletes alongside managing the social media presence. She’s very excited to get started and make a difference.

To hear from Desiree herself, check out our Youtube channel.

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Abbey London

Abbey London is the Engagement and Communication Officer with UKSA this spring. She is from New Jersey in the United States and is currently on exchange with Ithaca College as she finishes her final year of undergraduate university. Abbey is extremely excited to work with UKSA as she has a passion for sport.

Back home Abbey works for her university newspaper, The Ithacan, and for Ithaca College Athletic Communications Department. A lot of her previous work has been with sport photography. Abbey is passionate about rock climbing, movies, and anything photography!

Abbey is extremely excited to work with UKSA as she has a passion for sport. She is looking forward to working with athletes and connecting communities.

To hear from Abbey herself, go to our Youtube channel.

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Phil Craven

Phil Craven is the Sports Officer with UKSA this spring. He is a master’s student at De Monfort University and is finishing his degree in sports management. Phil is a keen sportsmen and competes in karting representing De Monfort University across the UK.

Phil is excited to dive headfirst into the challenges, tasks ahead to enable British athletes to compete in-person for the Virtus Summer Games later this year.

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