Paris 2024 Paralympic Medals revealed

Here they are – the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic medals!  A special set of medals, that for the first time in history include a priceless piece of metal – some original iron from the Eiffel Tower.

By placing fragments of the Eiffel Tower at the centre of its medals, Paris 2024 hopes to leave athletes with an unforgettable memory of the Games, of Paris and of France.

Paris 2024 is getting close and the Organisers are ambitious for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games.  The design of the two Opening Ceremonies, has a shared approach around inclusivity in the city, but engaging the public too.  Both Games will take place in the same venues.  The Organisers want to show how the both Games are united throughout.

The 2024 Paris Paralympic Games will take place over 12 days, from 28th August to 8 September.  Over 4,400 elite athletes from across the world are expected to compete.  The Paralympic Games is now amongst some of the largest sporting events from across the world.

Events exist at the Games for athletes with intellectual impairment in 3 sports.  Swimming (S/SB14), Athletics (T/F20) and Table Tennis (T11).

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