Two new additions to the UKSA Team!

The UK Sports Association is thrilled to announce two new interns who have joined from long-time partner, Syracuse University. Olivia DeMarco and Amanda Stanley flew across the pond to add their talents to the UK Sports Association Team for Spring 2022. 

We are delighted to welcome them. Read below to learn a bit more about Amanda and Olivia!

Olivia DeMarco

“Hi everyone! My name is Olivia DeMarco and I’m currently the UKSA Programme Support Officer this Spring. I am a political science and communication student studying abroad through Syracuse University‘s London Program. I am motivated to ensure that the UKSA continues to be a well-governed organisation – especially since I am passionate about making sure all people are provided with equal opportunities in all aspects of society. 

I look forward to the tasks at hand that will make a lasting impact on the organisation for years to come.”

You can reach Olivia at

To see more about Olivia click HERE. 

Amanda Stanley

“Hi, I’m Amanda Stanley and I’m one of the Sports Officers with the UK Sports Association this Spring. I am from Long Island in New York in the United States and am currently on exchange with Syracuse University as I finish up my third year of undergraduate university. I am passionate about giving everyone equal access in sport and am excited to convey this through my work with UKSA.

 During my time with the UK Sports Association, I have been responsible for preparing athletes’ information regarding anti-doping policies to ensure that they are best equipped for the Virtus Summer Games. I am looking forward to working with this great organisation and helping athletes’ dreams come true.”

You can contact Amanda at

To see more on Amanda click HERE.


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